Sunday, 11 November 2012

Off - Season Youth Training

When teams are in the Off -season youth soccer players should be given the opportunity to wind down, take some pressure of their joints and practice on developing their technical skills. I question teams that take their players directly into a competitive indoor league (6-7 months) without the opportunity  to recover and regenerate. 

I was one of those coaches at the beginning of my coaching career that engaged in two competitive seasons (Summer and Winter) mainly because, I was naive, provided with bad advice and I followed what everyone else was doing. However, I improved my coaching knowledge and stopped making decisions from a place of fear. In 2011 I allowed my daughter to go through a light off season (zero games), then head into an active and focused pre-season this improved her competitive season and it showed through her rejuvenation in practices and games. 

While browsing the internet on this Off season training post I found this very informative document prepared by: Christian Lavers, USSF “A” License, Region II Girls ODP Staff

Christian outlined the importance of identifying season requirements... 

"Off-season training should not begin until the athletes have had time to recover physically, mentally, and emotionally from the tolls of the competitive season".

 What do you think is off -season training... is it necessary or is it age specific only.   

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