Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Acceleration and Separation (AS)

Its all about speed and separating your self from your opponent as players move to a higher soccer level. When youth players continue to learn technical control of the ball at their feet, changing direction and moving with  speed will become a great asset. No matter what sport you play speed is always looked at as a beneficial strategy for defending as well as attacking.  

However, increasing ones speed is not always as easy as one might think but, I would also say its not as complicated as one might think. The first step to increasing ones speed is by learning how to run with proper "RUNNING FORM". This is the most important step of all and the sooner you learn how to run with form the more comfortable you will become with a new style of running. The second step in increasing ones speed is mostly in duplicating the RUNNING FORM. Practice and more practice with a mind on form while your running. At this stage speed is not important form is the focus.Your speed will increase significantly once your mind adjust to your new form and your utilizing it with out thinking.

The younger you are to learn the proper RUNNING FORM the better and easier it will be to become part of your natural ability. The best place to learn this proper RUNNING FORM is from a person that's taken it to its highest competitive speed platform.

The Introduction of AS - Acceleration and Separation (AS) speed training program. Trained by Angela Bailey, an Olympian medalist and Canadian woman's 100m record holder. The importance of establishing the right running form from the start is paramount to increasing once speed with confidence. The knowledge and experience of what to spot in developing form is called the eye. The eye is what Angela's  AS program brings to the forefront of increasing players speed... for total impact on or off the field. This eye is also an instinct of where and when to make adjustments to establish the proper running form and the AS speed training program lays out the correct foundation for athletes to build upon.

Pictures were part of Erin Mills B girls team participation in the AS speed program. 

Take a look at our Flyer, AS program is now doing discount group team session of 10 players @  $70 per player for 2/hrs. Flyer attached.

Flyer Front

Flyer Back
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