Monday, 14 March 2011

Social Soccer Scrimmaging

Off and going... I'm excited about starting this blog - mainly because of what I'm about too bring to youth girls soccer competitiveness and to the Canadian national woman's soccer talent pool. As this blog takes shape I will have a better comprehension of what distinct form these two goals will take on.

Let me commit to something before this blog starts motoring - sacrificing is a part of life, especially for those important to us or we love. I felt it was time to put my coaching passion on hold so, my daughter Shanel could have the opportunity of playing soccer at a more advanced level than (Rep Premier) what she would have been playing  with me if  I was still her coach " I do miss coaching".

However... Shanel is now a provincial player this year (great accomplishment) and she is going to require or I would love for her to have a group of advance and competitive girl soccer  players scrimmaging and training with her at game like intensity as much as possible.

Because... I haven't  seen a lot of kids (girls) in the park or school yard playing pick up soccer on her days off team training.  Shanel and I  feel it would be fun to have some sort of outlet that can instantly connect and rally advanced local girl soccer players with the same interest and thought to meet up and scrimmage together.

Well...Renegades Of Girls Soccer is that outlet  utilizing the fun aspect of social media avenues (Facebook, Twitter  Blogger and etc) to connect with committed girl soccer players. Allowing them familiar, easy and convenient access to stay in touch with us and get instant alert of scrimmage's location and  time. 

If you feel your ready to run and test your skill level with the Renegades Of  Girls Soccer we welcome you or do your have a question for us? lets us know,  that's what its all about "The will to take it to the next level".

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