Sunday, 20 March 2011

True Renegade

I don't know Manya Makoski - however her presence and journey as a professional woman's soccer player is a story worth sharing with Renegades Of Girls soccer readers.

Manya lives in the real world where she pays a price for a sport she is passionate about. It is these kinds of grueling and mental sacrifices that allow athletes like Manya to rise beyond popular decisions to acclaim  personal fulfillment and societies admiration.

There are lots of world class girl soccer players like Manya... living the life... some of you girls reading this blog right now have that same talent to reach and also achieve beyond their expectations. With the advent of new technology reaching out and communicating  with  Manya and other open minded girl soccer professionals have never been easier thus, strengthening your ability for competitive success. 

Take this opportunity and read up on Manya's story. Then take the time to introduce and share your thought(s) and comment(s) with her... "its your future."

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