Sunday, 28 October 2012

Renegades Of Girls Soccer (ROGS) todate

 Two years ago when I conceived Renegades Of Girls Soccer (ROGS) -  my thought was to create a competitive and fun soccer scrimmage sessions with other girls at the same level and age (U13) as my daughter. This way my daughter and other like minded girls would be able to increase their technical speed, instinctive play and competitive understanding in small zone scrimmages . "A Barcelona style of soccer with attitude and confidence".

ROGS to date has not lived up to its full intention and attracted the players or parents that fully understand the importance of development and game transitional soccer. Also, player's interested in attending  ROGS sessions throughout that last few years was made difficult due to conflicting team scheduled game and practice times. As well, my interaction with parents demonstrated to me they reservedly believe that their kids are getting the development and attention required from their club team to take them to the next level.

ROGS over all intention to date has not changed and grass roots soccer development remains the core of its purpose.

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